In the words of Tulsidas:

“Grant me, O Master, by thy grace
To follow all the good and pure,
To be content with simple things;
To use my fellows not as means but ends
To serve them starlwartly, in thought, word, deed;
Never to utter word of hatred or shame;
To cast away all selfishness and pride;
To speak no ill of others;
To have a mind at peace,
Set free from care, and led astray from thee
Neither by happiness nor woe;
Set thou my feet upon this path,
And keep me stradfast in it,
Thus only shall I please thee, serve thee right.



Divine intervention

The divine purpose has been revealed. The mind has been freed from limitations and maya. The calling is getting louder and clearer. The reason to be has been declared. A stand has been taken. The mind has been conserved for the greater good.

The questions have been answered. The simplicity, unfolded.

I pray for souls to be redeemed. I wish for all’s attainment to purity, peace and oneness. I see the light and rhe greatness in all. I hear the universal hymn. I salute those who are in the kurukshetra and who fight along, anonymously.

For it is not the reward that drives us but the divine purpose of conscious living.

Your purpose

Though the truth of the Self is free of access to all mankind, it is attained only by very few who are willing to pay the price in self-discipline, steadfastness and non-attachment. Though the truth is open to all, many do not feel any urge to seek.

Of those who have the urge, many suffer from doubt and vacillation. Even if they do not have doubts, many are scared away by difficulties. Only a few rare souls succeed in braving the perils and reaching the goal.

Though seemingly difficult, the path is ever open to all.


Blame no one for your own faults. Blame neither Man nor God nor anyone in the world.

We are all time, from our childhood, trying to lay the blame upon something outside ourselves. If we are miserable, wa say :” Oh! The world’s a devil’s world!”. But why are we in such a world if we are really so good? Just think of that.

Get hold of yourselves. Analyse yourselves. And you will find that every blow you have received came to you because you prepared yourselves for it. We are to take care of ourselves.

The world can be good and pure only if our lives are good and pure. So let us purify ourselves. Let us be at peace, perfect peace with ourselves.

Let us make ourselves perfect.

For years, this has been my bed time prayer. It was forgotten for nearly eight years. It has again helped me and I am grateful for it.

It starts from the anus

Nothing gynecologic here. It’s all about chakras. I am still fascinated about awakening the serpent within..not the dark one but actually the one which coils with our subdued powerful abilities that we should unwrap with much care.

I am all about it, now more than ever. Knowing that we are capable of much more than we imagine has helped me value this life eternally in ways that I am shameful for the past naive and helpless thought of how useless life was depicted by me when I was low. I ask for forgiveness. Life deserves to be lived with love and hope.

And the nurturing with utmost power of knowledge and understanding..

Doing regular exercises on how to unfold the chakras is one big step forward.

Here is the link to the sweet music which aligns with each colour (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) rhythmically:

A step at a time

Truth is singular.

It is my starting block. The road is promisingly hard to walk on but it is the chosen one.

The thing about change is that it is scary. Taking count of what the last years were hauled with, this call for change is more of a challenge.

This new journey on a changed pathway will be at least the clearest of all that I have longed for ages. I wish to be positive about everything I do, and do things with love. I wish to live a life of whole hearted discipline which would only yield bliss to me and my progeny.

If one word should and will henceforth define my being, it should be serendipity.

Journey of a constant traveller

If you measure journey as the distance between continents, then I am not your genre. I have not stepped out of my homeland and still I toured the earth. Travelling has always fascinated my curiosity. Call it lack of resources or opportunity, or even ‘the grapes are sour’, but I have seen it all. That soil that I have not stepped on, yet or should not, and the change of air that I feel is foreign and different, those have been illustrated in dreams and reality. I have travelled to places through the broken screen of the phone recently but I am a frequent flyer in transcendence airways.

As a self declared complex over thinker of simple things, the internal quest for the journey has taken me to places I despised,loved, those who left me puzzled and also gave me consciously carved answers.

One of the known routes is meditation. Buzz me if you are familiar with the path. Another journey is dreams, which is another way of manifesting your deep unconscious activities. I do not doubt that I am a constant traveller. I am on the move.